I should be committed.

7 Apr

This had little to nothing to do with my journey to save money. However, I would like to turn my writing into a paid career….so maybe it’s more connected than I think. I’ve become a contributing writer to the new companion website to the Lifetime tv show, “The Conversation.” Read if you’re up to it! And in case you’re wondering, yes, yes my garage is STILL collecting bottles and cans. A whole bunch of them…

On Being a Good Partner.


Starbucks adds an addictive chemical to their coffee that makes you crave it fortnightly, smartass.

23 Mar

I haven’t been writing as much as I’d like because I’ll admit:  I’m not doing as well at this frugal deal as I’d like. 

I blame Starbucks.

My favorite movie in college was “So I Married an Axe Murderer.”  There’s a line where Mike Meyers (playing his own Scottish Dad) is talking about KFC and states they put an addictive chemical in their chicken that makes you crave it fortnightly…smartass.  And that’s about how I feel about Starbucks.  I’m sure you could argue that the chemical is caffeine.  But then, that’s not conspiracy enough for me.


I got another couple of $3 checks in the mail for filling out online surveys. And I honestly have a garage full of bottles waiting to be returned.  I have no idea how much that will be.  $23?  $30?  Not more than 30, I’m sure.  I’ll bring them to the recycling center when my Mom is in town in two weeks.  I’m not bringing the baby to a recycling center.  And I can’t fit her AND the bottles in my car. 
Not been doing so hot at not spending money eating out to lunch, either.  Is it laziness?  Probably.  Laziness and a heaping side order of forgetfulness.  I leave my lunch at home a lot. 


I haven’t touched the money I HAVE saved and that’s a pretty big deal for me.  I’ve gotten to this place before and then have had to take the money out to pay for….something.  Whatever.  Groceries, a bill…a new sweater.   So I’m budgeting a bit better than I was.

I need to celebrate the little victories.

High five.  (That’s Addie’s new trick of the week.)



Area woman not bragging; just “sayin’.”

19 Feb

I’m sort of into The Law of Attraction. And by “sort of” I mean, “obsessed.” I think about it a lot, read books and listen to the cds in the car. I watched The Secret, but don’t love The Secret. They don’t really tell you HOW to attract things, except to tell you to imagine you have stuff already. I wish I could find the spoof a friend sent me years ago…and if I do, I’ll post it. You’ll get a kick out of it. But moving on…

I find, at least some, comfort in thinking that I have, at least some, control over my life. Good, bad, whatever–I’ve created it in some way. A few years ago, I got some free stuff. I worked for a woman who was pretty plugged into Hollywood and got a lot of free clothes. She passed them onto me and I started chanting in my head, “people love to give me free stuff.” It seems the more I remember this, the more free stuff I get.

Sometimes the free stuff is coffee. Sometimes it’s a trip to St. Croix. And sometimes, it’s cashmere sweaters.

My friend Lorraine just gave me an enormous bag of free stuff last week. Here is a picture of a few items:

That is a cashmere cardigan hugging an honest-to-God Louis Vuitton purse. Now, I’m not a chaser of high end name brands, or name brands at all for that matter; BUT…if someone is going to give me a free LV purse, I’m not going to throw it back in their face. Granted, the strap on it is being held together with a safety pin at the moment, but if I wanted to invest ten whole dollars, I could get that fixed. I probably won’t. I don’t care about stuff like that. It’s “quirky” to have a purse held together with a safety pin. Or something.

Also, there’s that book, “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker. It’s interesting. Given to me not by Lorraine, but my friend Paul at work. It talks about money “blueprints” and how we all have them from growing up around people with their own ideas about money. I believe that. And we need to change the blueprint to serve us better. Hard to do, but working on it.

So those are my free things at the moment. My husband and I went on The Newlywed Game in 2010 and won ourselves a honeymoon to St. Croix. This is by far the greatest free thing given us by the Universe. We had to pay taxes on it, but still. It was a good deal of free.

We got a baby out of that, too and although she’s nowhere near free, here’s a gratuitous picture of the baby:

Said woman plugged into Hollywood handed down to us a crib, valued at about $1600. We would never in our lives have even considered dropping that kind of cash on a crib and, up until she gave it to us, the crib I wanted I found on Craigslist for $80. But then she gave us one like this:

So we didn’t have to buy one at all.

I’m not bragging up in here, just sayin’. If you throw it out there that you expect some free crap, you just might get it. I mean, we have to pay for our fair share of stuff (like the new used fridge we bought to replace the one that pooped out on us last week) but still…People love to give me free stuff! And I’m pretty grateful for that.